Instrumental music is a truly magical language. It can tell a story, comfort the soul, stimulate the intellect and create pictures in the mind. And all without a single word being uttered.

Felix Mendelssohn probably said it best -“People usually complain that (instrumental) music is so ambiguous, while words are understood by everyone. But for me it is exactly the opposite...what the music I love expresses to me are thoughts not too indefinite for words, but rather too definite.”

And from Carlos Santana -“I realised a long time ago that instrumental music speaks a lot more clearly than English, Spanish, Yiddish, Swahili, any other language. Pure melody goes outside time.”

I'm a pianist, guitarist, violist, arranger and composer of instrumental songs. Using topical and universal themes, I like to inject a sense of poetry and imagery into my music. What you'll hear is music created for a mixed acoustic and electronic chamber ensemble from classical, electronica and jazz blues influences.

I sincerely hope my music resonates with you and brings pleasure to your life.

Robert Cook Sier

Old Town - album release date! 

I've just put Friday October 21st in the calendar for the release of my first album Old Town. The title track, which you already know, will open and close the album. While Old Town is a compilation of some of my single releases, it's also a concept album with a very deliberate choice and sequence of tracks to take listeners on a journey. I've re-arranged, remixed and remastered a few tracks to create a more cohesive album listening experience.

Initially, Old Town will be a digital only release available in both mp3 and lossless wav formats, but if there is enough interest I'll happily press some CDs for those who prefer that format. Special thanks to some very special fans across the globe who've provided me with such great support and encouragement to reach this milestone. I'll do my best to contact you for a free pre-release copy as a token of my gratitude.


Old Town - the album 

I've always felt that 30 minutes is the ideal length for an album. Long enough to explore a concept but not long enough to fatigue your audience. I've finalised the track list for my first album "Old Town" and I'm currently reworking, remixing and remastering several tracks to create what I hope will be received as a cohesive and enjoyable concept album of instrumental songs.

Thank you as always for your support and encouragement, I'll announce a release date as soon as I'm confident that I've done the best I can with the material.




New track in progress - "Into The Light" 

With my latest track Into The Light, I've taken a slightly more cinematic approach. It's a track I drafted originally for a movie trailer submission but decided it was better suited for my own repertoire. I'm currently reworking it and will let you know when I have a release date in the next few weeks. Thanks as always for your ongoing support and encouragement!

Update May 2nd: Coming soon - audio done, just working on the video and admin. Thanks for your patience!


Best wishes for 2022! 

Just dropped in to wish everyone a happy and healthy new year, and to say thanks as always for visiting here and for following my YouTube music channel. From a  Railway Carriage seems to be growing in popularity on streaming channels which is very exciting. I'm still planning to release an album later this year and will keep you updated on progress.



I'm very happy to announce that my single A Walk On Main Street is now available here and will become available on all major platforms in due course. The video is still a few days away but nearly finished. I can only describe this new track as an "upbeat Euro post-covid back-to-city-life" celebration.

Please have a happy and safe Christmas and I'll be back in the new year with some new music and, hopefully, my first album Old Town later in the year. Best wishes and thanks as always for your ongoing support and encouragement.


New track on the way - "A Walk On Main Street" 

My next track, A Walk On Main Street, is a musical impression of heading out on foot into a busy street with people, shops and a general social buzz, something we haven't experienced for quite a while in our towns and cities. Due for release in December (exact date yet to be confirmed), stay tuned!


November's featured track 

I chose From a Railway Carriage as my featured track for this month in memory of my late mother who passed away three weeks ago. She was a great fan of this track and its video (, especially as it was inspired by poetry, one of my mother's great loves.

My new track release for this month has been delayed by this sad news, but I'm hopeful I can still get it to you later in the month. Thanks for your generous support and encouragement as always. RCS

Back in the studio 

Being in the midst of yet another Covid lockdown, I decided to take some time out in September to revisit music composition study and some practice (especially the viola which is new to me). But I'm back in the studio now working on a new, more up tempo track for release in early November, and reviewing my material for an album release next year. Thanks for continuing to visit this site and for supporting my YouTube channel! More news soon.... RCS

Time for an album? 

After several years of experimenting with various singles and videos, I'm finally considering an album of the best of these tracks and some new material. With the benefit of experience and hindsight, many of my existing tracks will be reworked for the album.

At this stage I'm only planning for a digital release, but please do let me know if you'd be interested in a CD or USB physical release. Thanks again to everyone for your ongoing support and encouragement! RCS