OLD TOWN - album release date!

I've just put Friday October 21st in the calendar for the release of my first album Old Town. The title track, which you already know, will open and close the album. While Old Town is a compilation of some of my single releases, it's also a concept album with a very deliberate choice and sequence of tracks to take listeners on a journey. I've re-arranged, remixed and remastered a few tracks to create a more cohesive album listening experience.

Initially, Old Town will be a digital only release available in both mp3 and lossless wav formats, but if there is enough interest I'll happily press some CDs for those who prefer that format. Special thanks to some very special fans across the globe who've provided me with such great support and encouragement to reach this milestone. I'll do my best to contact you for a free pre-release copy as a token of my gratitude.


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