Instrumental music is a truly universal and magical language. It can tell a story, change a mood, stimulate the intellect and create pictures in the mind. And all without a single word being uttered.

Felix Mendelssohn probably said it best.-“People usually complain that (instrumental) music is so ambiguous, while words are understood by everyone. But for me it is exactly the opposite...what the music I love expresses to me are thoughts not too indefinite for words, but rather too definite.”

And from Carlos Santana -“I realised a long time ago that instrumental music speaks a lot more clearly than English, Spanish, Yiddish, Swahili, any other language. Pure melody goes outside time.”

My passion is to compose, arrange and produce songs without words, or tone poems, on topical and universal themes. My genre is modern hybrid chamber music, crafted for a mixed acoustic and electronic ensemble from classical, jazz and electronica influences. Above all, my aim is to create new instrumental music for people with eclectic tastes for their daily commute, work and play.

This web site is my "living album", I sincerely hope it brings pleasure to your life.

Robert Cook Sier

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Robert Cook Sier

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"All media exist to invest our lives with artificial perceptions and arbitrary values." - Marshall McLuhan

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What next? 

I'd like to start this post by thanking everyone who has supported my recent Air on a Canon (Pachelbel) release, the response and feedback has been fantastic and so very much appreciated!

I'm now torn between finishing a new original track I've been working on, or following up my Pachelbel Canon interpretation with another classic. JS.Bach's Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring has been considered but please feel free to contact me via my Contacts page (or reply to this post) if you have any suggestions.

Thanks as always for your support and encouragement, especially in these very challenging times.


Through The Ages 

An energetic journey in time through electronica, baroque and jazz-pop.

"Through The Ages" will be available at the usual outlets in the next few days. Thanks as always for your kind words and ongoing support. RCS.


Guns and White Roses 

A musical poem about a serious and frequently tragic topic, the US Second Amendment.Available from the usual digital outlets in the next few days.


Noise on the Line 

A new year, new track - Chamber Jazz Pop with attitude?


Best wishes for a happy 2018 and thanks as always for your kind words and support.