In future, I would dearly love to list more people on this page as circumstances allow me to work with a growing ensemble of highly talented musicians. But for now, I am completely indebted to the musical instrument sample library developers who make it possible for me to compose, arrange and perform this all from the comfort of my own studio.

Warning - much of what follows is for the technophiles!

Thanks to:

  • Avid (for my Pro Tools studio recording software)
  • Kawai (for my digital piano and midi keyboard)
  • Synthogy Ivory (for my American Concert Steinway D piano library)
  • Maton (for my cherished acoustic guitar)
  • Fender (for my Deluxe Nashville Telecaster)
  • Ilya Efimov (for my other guitar libraries)
  • Heavyocity and XLN (for my drum libraries)
  • Spectrasonics (for the incredible Omnisphere and my Trilian basses)
  • u-he (for the incredible Zebra2 synth)
  • 8dio and Soundiron (for my variety of percussion, other piano and vocal libraries)
  • Sample Modeling (for my trumpet and saxes)
  • Vienna Symphonic Library (for my strings, other wind instruments and studio effects)
  • Izotope (for my main mixing and mastering tools)

And of course to Linda my wife, and to my daughters Zoe and Nicole for their enduring love and support!